Top 5 Best
Blu-ray Copy Software

Blu-ray copy software offers an easy way to make backup copies of your favorite movies.

We offered the most comprehensive blu-ray copy software for your choice, with these Blu-ray

copy softwares, you can copy Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray/DVD/AVCHD disc or to your hard drive

with a few clicks.

Top 1: Leawo Blu-ray Copy
Leawo Blu-ray Copy
  • Leawo Blu-ray Copy allows you to copy Blu-ray disks and record it on other disks easily. That is, if you want to transfer a Blu-ray film from one media to another, this program offers the solution you need. You only need a drive compatible with the Blu-ray technology to use it both to read or record disks. Insert this media and choose the format you want to copy into your hard drive.
  • You can copy to an ISO image, a file folder or even other formats that can later be recorded in a DVD or Blu-ray disk. Leawo Blu-ray copy manages to complete the entire process without losing quality, a quite important feature when working with Full-HD videos. You can copy the complete disk (with menu), or only specific chapters.
  • Leawo Blu-ray Copy allows you to copy a disk and later, record it in another, without needing two drives to make it simultaneously. With a simple interface and fast process, this app can be used by anyone; you only need to drag the file to open it or choose the original disk and then choose the step-by-step options.

Key Features:

  • One click copy any Blu-ray/DVD disc to hard drive as ISO or folder.

  • Copy and compress Blu-ray/DVD discs with high quality.

  • Select full movie, main movie or some chapters to copy.

  • One-click operation to copy ISO file to Blu-ray/DVD disc.
Top 2: Blue Cloner
  • To avoid carrying several Blu-ray disks from one place to another, it can be a good idea to copy them to your computer or even, make a security copy from a disk into another, assuring that in the case of a crash or others risks, you won’t lose the movie you bought. These are measures that can put away a lot of headache in case of accidents with the disk.
  • Blue Cloner allows you to copy your Blu-ray disks into another hard drive as well as to another disk. The program brings interesting functionalities that permit copy entire disks, copy only the movie discarding the menu, copy the complete movie or even dividing the movie into two disks in case you want to copy from a 50GB media into two 25GB. All that can be done through a practical and intuitive interface.
Blue Cloner

Key Features:

  • Even a novice can become an expert on backing up BD movies with the optimized operation interface.

  • Perfect 1:1 BD backup - backs up a whole BD disc onto another.

  • Compresses a BD disc (50G) to a blank BD-R/RE (25G), with menus and special features included.

  • Supports for transforming an ISO file to a BD movie folder and vice versa.

  • Burns the BD folder or an ISO file from the hard disk to BD discs.
Top 3: Ashampoo Burning Studio
Ashampoo Burning Studio
  • Ashampoo Burning Studio is a tool suite for the recording of physical audio, video and data disks. With it, you can also make backups of folders from your computer. Just like the famous Nero, this app is used to create CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. With it, you can build a disk with songs to listen in a player, for example, or record data to open in another PC.
  • Ashampoo Burning Studio brings an interface similar to its previous version, with a lateral menu full of options. You just have to hover the mouse over each group to see the possible actions and find what you need. It’s possible to test this app for up to 30 days for free, having all these functionalities available.
  • You can change a skin, but it doesn’t have this type of personalization preloaded. It’s possible to create one or upload a file into a program. On Ashampoo website and online forums about the program, you will find alternative packages for Burning Studio.

Key Features:

  • Burn & copy data to Blu-ray, DVD and CD.

  • Cut, produce and burn movies with ease convert and burn music CDs.

  • Create slideshows with music, subtitles and overlays.

  • Password-protected backups also with M-DISC support.

  • Menus, themes and templates for various occasions.

  • Browse, burn and create disc images.
Top 4: Alcohol 120%
  • Alcohol 120% is one of the most complete programs when the subject is dealing with media. It is capable of emulating disks and ISO image files, creating virtual environments without the need of new recordings. Furthermore, it offers a complete system to burn virgin media.
  • In its new version, Alcohol 120% presents compatibility with the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8, it has more reading and recording motors, improved system reports and also a real-time support for the optical drive. In addition, improvements on the audio conversion system and new translations were also added to the app. Alcohol 120% has already been consolidated as a great software that makes high-quality copies and offers several options for advanced users. In summary, Alcohol is easy to use, easy to configure and full of functions.
  • Some users criticize the support of Alcohol 120% to 64-bit systems. Although it has its compatibility, Alcohol doesn’t fully function on this platforms.
Alcohol 120%

Key Features:

  • Make perfect 1:1 back-ups of CDs, Alcohol 120% is really the ultimate DVD / CD emulation and burning software.

  • Store your most used or important CDs as images on your computer and run them at 200x speed from up to 31 virtual CD or DVD drives!

  • Burn more than one CD or DVD at the same time, even from from different sources, using the latest multiple burners technology.

  • Highest drive compatibility - Alcohol is compatible with more than 99% of drives available and if it doesn't work with your drive we can improve it so let us know!

  • Supports the highest number of possible image file types including - MDS, CCD, BIN, CUE, ISO, CDI, BWT, BWI, BWS, BWA & many more...
Top 5: BurnAware
  • BurnAware is a program used to record data with a variety of content in CDs and DVDs. With this program, you can create security copies of any type of content, make backups or save the desired material in media.
  • The app is able to work with both disks and ISO images. Furthermore, it has support for the creation of boot media (including for images).
  • BurnAware is certainly one of the most complete programs for recording media and images. That's because it does not merely offer one or two ways to make the process, making it possible to choose more specific options, ensuring a higher quality of the content that will be stored.

Key Features:

  • Burn your files to CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs.

  • Create DVD-Video and BDMV discs.

  • Erase or format rewritable disc.

  • Copy disc to ISO image.

  • Copy CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs.
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